Your clients and their appointments accessible from anywhere, anytime

Tictiq is a web service that helps you easily manage your clients and their appointments It's an online scheduling web application made simple and done right

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A WIN-WIN solution to a number of problems Scheduling appointments shouldn't get in the way of having happy customers.
Quick and easy booking

With Tictiq online booking, your customers can conveniently schedule an appointment from your website and your facebook page.

Don't have a website? With Tictiq, you'll get one for free.
No more mess

Managing appointments with pen and paper is a time-consuming process. Tictiq online scheduling takes this hassle of your brain.

Worried about Tictiq software installation? There isn't any. Tictiq is a web application.
Everyone is happy

Your customers will love the convenience of booking online and you'll have more time for what you really love. Your business.

More time on the phone means less time for treating your customers.
  • Powerful calendar It can do almost anything.

    Filter for specific employees, drag and drop appointments, quick-add bookings, chose day, week or date view...

    It's smart.

    Appointments are automatically fed and sorted into the calendar as they come. Real-time. And you get notified instantly when it happens.

    It's beautiful.

    Our clients say that, hopefully you will too.

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  • Client relationship tool Make your customers really happy.

    Take notes of what they like and whet they don't like and suprise them the next time they come to you. Keep them happy and you business will thrive on repeat customers.

    Easy customer input and import.

    Customers are added automatically while entering their appointment. You can easily edit them or enter a new client. Want to import old customers? That can be done too.

    Many more CRM features to come. All for free.

    You will be able to send customized SMS messages and/or promotions and discounts. To one customer or many.

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  • Quick and easy setup Tictiq is scheduling software in the cloud.

    You don't need to install anything. You don't need to upgrade anything. Everything is done automatically.

    Setting up your scheduling software is easy.

    Short instructional videos on how to setup your account are there to help you whenever you need it.

    You are ready to go in no time.

    After properly setting up your account, you can start managing your clients and their appointments.

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  • Tictiq enables our clients to book in whichever way they like the most: through facebook, from home or from the office or even outside of working hours.

    In our line of business the key success factor is to make the client feel special and adequately served and Tictiq helps us achive this.

    Željka Tihomirović Hairline
  • Appointment booking is one of the jobs that takes a lot of our time. When I first tried Tictiq I was amazed by the simplicity and ease of use.

    Great syncing options assure that appointment overlapping never happens. Tictiq is one of the first projects in this region to truly deserve the attention of every service providing business.

    Jasmina Mitrović Mevacosmetics
  • In the Zagreb Entrepreneurship Incubator we always had trouble with organizing the agenda for our meeting room. Appointment overlapping and pure confusion were a daily occurrence.

    Since we started using Tictiq all ZIP members can see when the meeting room is available and book it for an hour or two.

    Tihana Marelja ZIP
30 days free trial on all accounts No credit card required. No minimum contracts. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.
  • Small 1-2 employees
    15 /month
    Billed annually Try it for free You can try this package for free during the first 30 days. No payment or credit card is needed.
  • Medium 3-5 employees
    29 /month
    Billed annually Try it for free You can try this package for free during the first 30 days. No payment or credit card is needed.
  • Large 5-10 employees
    49 /month
    Billed annually Try it for free You can try this package for free during the first 30 days. No payment or credit card is needed.
All plans include:
  • Unlimited locations Unlimited bookings Free website
  • Facebook booking Clients CRM Google Calendar sync
  • Email support Ticket support Business Analytics
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